About Me & Contact Info

Before you learn anything about me, let me share with you the most important Story I know.

Here is a text version with Scripture references.

About Me? — I’m just Keith.

I used to find my identity in a lot of different places. I defined myself by what I did and various labels that seemed to fit. Now, I realize it’s more important whose I am (Christ’s) than in whatever mold I tried to put myself into.

So, I’m learning to be comfortable just being me. True, I’m a husband to Candice; father to Keri & Xander; son to Rickey & Sheri; brother to Katherine & Kevin; uncle to Sophie, Krislyn, Penelope, & Caleb; English teacher; preacher; worship leader; and even a writer (or at least I get to pretend to be one).

All of that is bound together in the fact that I belong to Jesus Christ who saved me by His grace. But, thankfully, in Christ, I get to be just who He made me to be — just Keith.

Thanks for reading!