“But, thankfully, in Christ, I get to be just who He made me to be — just Keith.”

Thanks for joining me on my new site!

This is largely where my writings will find a home.

Let me give you a break down of what can be found in each of the tabs in the top right corner:

  • The “Stuff I’ve Been Writing” tab will feature a smattering of miscellaneous writings. It may be an essay or a poem or, well, anything that pops into my head.
  • The “Refresh & Restore” tab will have a weekly devotion (Thursdays) that is designed to help people be refreshed by the presence of the Lord in His Word and have hope that all things will through Him be restored.
  • The “Songs for Sunday” tab will have (Lord, willing) some Scripture, thoughts, and videos that help us prepare our hearts for worship on Sunday.

Again, thanks for reading!